Butte Creek / Abiqua Falls - Marion County, Oregon.

Located in Marion county, Butte Creek and Abiqua Falls are both accessible as a day trip, though Abiqua takes a determined adventurer to find it. A quick search will provide you with enough information to get started on the right track. Butte Creek Falls both Upper and Lower are both accessible via a nice pull out with a restroom. A short and relatively easy hike provides excellent views of each falls. Upper Falls has a massive cave behind it that is definitely worth exploring. Watch your step at Lower Falls as it provides some fun exposure while you tread down closer to the water. Be prepared to get lost while trying to locate Abiqua Falls. You'll also need a sturdy 4x4 rig with decent clearance to make it all the way down to the trailhead. Park at the locked gate then locate the trail just east of the gate. With the aid of a handline the trail descends to the creek. Head upstream to reveal this one of a kind falls.