Silver Falls, Oregon.

With 9,000 acres, Silver Falls is Oregon's largest state park and is a showcase of Northwest grandeur with 10 major waterfalls nestled into a temperate rainforest highlighting Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock. Meadows, creeks and a diverse array of native plants and wildlife make this park not only unique but one that's worth spending some time in. For a bit more fun there are countless waterfalls in this area that are accessible via Mehema and Mill City on Hwy 22. Ask in town at the bar or coffee shop and see what you come up with. / Nikon D3200


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Those of us who were fortunate enough to have grown up in the Pacific Northwest know something profound, we know that this place has molded us into who we are and it has influenced how we move through this world, encouraging us to explore and travel. Maybe I'm jaded, but this thing we call life is far too interesting to go unexplored. As a result, I've spent my entire life venturing outdoors into the wilderness. Whether climbing, surfing or the alpine, and a hearty lust for travel, they have taken me all over the world. So recently I left my job to explore a new unknown, to pursue a creative path for myself, to seek out new realities as well as the many characters along the way. I take images with both film and digital cameras. These are some of my stories and images, I sincerely hope you enjoy.

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